We're forming A guest BLOG COMMUNITY

Meet the WellBeings and their research. They save, heal and enrich lives.

We are a social-good platform. We’ll help readers discover new research in addiction, trauma, mental health, social-justice, recovery and exploration. The WellBeings are independent and cause-related experts (nominated by leading research institutes and social-causes) to community of personalized help and free resources.

It’s easy! Each WellBeing simply posts a guest-blog article. They use their own blog to educate readers and—they promote, sell and fundraise— at no additional cost. 

We import these posts, make them searchable (by topic, nonprofit and profession) and then redirect readers for sales and donations. We do not charge commission or affiliate fees. We work by invitation and by affordable monthly membership. * Yes, Wellbeings can also apply

Nonprofits | 

Each nonprofit chooses a different social, mental or personal health condition. They invite a team of WellBeings (colleagues, clients, guests, partners, etc.) to provide content. The WellBeings use their own blog to share, sell and fundraise at no-cost. 

What We Do | 

We import these posts, make them searchable by topic, cause and profession, and redirect for sales and donations at no-cost. We help nonprofits and WellBeings make a personal connection to advance their work, and to save and enrich lives.

Costs | 

Nonprofits participate for free. They post an article, invite (field-related) WellBeings, and assure we have experts. WellBeings receive exclusive promotion based on their field and profession. They pay an affordable monthly membership with no commission or affiliate fees.

Who We Are | 

We’re a Napa-based marketing firm! We’ve helped hundreds of luxury brands (including The French Laundry, Robb Report and Riedel Crystal) and now we want to make a difference. Curious? Checkout our past work here and here.

Contact | 

Reachout to learn more: support@thewellbeings.org or 707 204 8792